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Brijesh Shah

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How I started generating passive income


I believe, in this day and age, everyone should have a passive source of income, certainly when job security holds lesser value with each passing day. As I already had a blog where I write about tech, I thought to monetize the same. I knew that it won't bring me loads of cash, not initially for sure. But, something is better than nothing. So, what did I do? I started looking for possible options to monetize by blog keeping in mind that I do not want to bombard the visitors with loads of ads. Because at the end of the day, I still want to help them by sharing what I've learned so far.

The search for possible options

As soon as you type the words "how to monetize your blog" in Google, you will be hammered by different opinions from innumerable results. After analyzing different methods, I finally decided to go with URL shortener service. Ok, I hear you say "You're just promoting", and I agree. I will promote a service if it helps me in achieving my goal.


Because it allows me to control the placement and nature of ads. Even though it's selling point is that it's a URL shortener service which displays ads on shortened URLs, it provides an option to add banner ads, pop ads, etc., which an average ads platform offers to only websites with huge traffic. You can earn anywhere around $1-$10/1000 views, depending on the traffic source. It also provides $1 as a bonus on your first 100 views and a chance to earn commission via referral programs. I mean, what's not to like?

So if you genuinely want to build a passive income, my advice would be to at least try it out.

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Filip Ilić

On what type of websites do you use it? I usuly see used on scammy websites...