Twitter's Down! Quick! Be my social distraction!

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Twitter's down and I don't know how to procrastinate productively without it!

Quick, let's start a thread about what you SHOULD be working on, but what you'd RATHER be working on!

I SHOULD be converting my site over from Jekyll to 11ty, but instead, I'm making a joke discussion thread and uploading even more design critiqes to youtube to be even MORE weeks ahead of my production schedule.

What are you doing to procrastinate things without Tech Twitter today?

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This is what I get for not looking for the same joke before I posted, too!


Damn! You're way better at social distraction than I am!


Haha, I think we published at the same time 😅

I'm going to work on next week's blog post I think? Or a new lesson. Or read some DEV posts. The world's my oyster!

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