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Antonio Djigo
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#KnowYourWorth - Are you really being valued?

During the past days, a new trending hashtag appeared on Twitter, calling to all the devs/designers around the world to mention what do they earn, what did they study, and for how long have they been working in the software/design sector.

You can spot things like this:

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But there are also many several case where you see totally the opposite, like:

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or, well, myself:

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What concerns me the most, it is not the huge difference between salaries per country, as the expenses are different. It is, for example, that, your salary is completely worse than others in the same country. That you have to bear spending 60%-65% of your salary only for the monthly rent...

You can more about my rant here: Liquid error: internal

What is your situation?
What do you think?
Do you need help?

Let us know in the comments, or Twitter!

Want to share your state? Here you have a template:

🏫: Studies
⏳: Experience
🏷: Role
🌎: Country / City
πŸ’Έ: Salary

A user I don't know (if you do, please share), created this spreadsheet with many of the salaries posted, in case you are curious.

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Ted Stresen-Reuter

I agree Antonio. Our salaries are not what I'd like them to be and that's why I work relentlessly. Selling your value is the goal but when you are competing on a global market with places like Vietnam and India, it ain't easy. That said, we are succeeding, it just takes longer and more effort than one expects.

Also, stackoverflow will publish their annual dev survey in a couple of months. They usually have very detailed info on salaries. For what it's worth, I'm really happy with the work you're doing. You've come a long way since you joined us and I think you have a really bright future. Keep up the good work!!