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GitHub repositories for TypeScript enthusiasts

GitHub is a great source for the developer community. It offers an ability to share, learn, and create code based on various programming languages. In today’s post, I'd like to share with you my favorite GitHub repositories for mastering TypeScript knowledge!

- DefinitelyTyped

DefinitelyTyped is a Github repository that hosts a library of high-quality TypeScript type definitions. Developers can share and maintain TypeScript type definitions for JS libraries in this open-source repository. It primarily serves as a TypeScript translator for JS developers. They can find TypeScript equivalents for existing JS libraries using DefinitelyTyped and its declaration statements.

Developers can help the repository by adding definitions, testing them, and making pull requests, among other things. This is a very popular page, with thousands of contributors and many more users, because it directly helps developers with their work.

43.3K Stars

- TypeScript (Microsoft)

This is the repository where all essential information about TypeScript is collected. You can find there official links to the TypeScript specifications, pieces of code with examples, engage in discussions with other developers, and contribute to this repository by adding issues and solutions for them.

Microsoft's TypeScript repository is an excellent resource for those who are just beginning to learn TypeScript. 

89.7K Stars

- Nest

This repository is useful for those who want to improve their TypeScript skills and start building Node.Js applications. Nest is a framework for creating scalable, efficient Node.js server-side applications. It is built with TypeScript (which ensures compatibility with pure JavaScript) and combines elements of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), FP (Functional Programming), and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming).

55.3K Stars

- Awesome TypeScript

Awesome Typescript offers a great collection of different resources connected with this programming language. There you can find resources for client-side and server-side development and many useful pieces of code for improving your TypeScript skills.

This repository has many resources, such as books, playgrounds, projects, IDEs, tools, types, and many other things that describe different aspects of working with TypeScript.

3.6K Stars

- Deno

Deno is a simple, modern, and secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime written in Rust that uses V8. This is an awesome runtime where, by default, security is enabled. TypeScript is supported out of the box, which is pretty great for me. Also, all necessary utilities are pre-installed, so you don’t have to spend your time on it and can start working right after Reno installation. 

88.6K Stars

- React (TypeScript Cheatsheets)

These are amazing TypeScript cheatsheets for experienced React developers just starting out. There are 4 major types of cheatsheets: basic, advanced, migratory, and the HOC cheatsheets. Each has its own description, guidelines, code examples, and demands for those who are going to study this material. There are also video tutorials and multiple languages available.

40.1K Stars

- Type Challenges

Everyone who has ever heard or worked with TypeScript knows that types play a major role in this programming language. This repository is intended to help users better understand the type system, write their own utilities, or simply have fun with the challenges. What I like best about this repository is that it is no longer just a collection of data, but also a well-organized and developed community of TypeScript experts who are open to any kind of collaboration and audience communication.

31.6K Stars

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