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how long it will take you to learn each programming language

Before I continue with this post, let me state that this is the average time, both from my experience and from research. Much depends on your individual situation and tools.


  1. html 1 week, if you spend 2 hours daily.
    html stands for Hypertext
    Markup Language. It is the
    standard markup language for
    documents designed to
    be displayed in a web browser.

  2. css 1 week, if you spend 2 hours daily.
    css means Cascading Style
    Sheets. CSS is a language
    that is used to change the
    appearance of html

  3. javascript basics 3 weeks, if you spend 4 hours daily
    JavaScript is a powerful

    programming language. It is used
    in web development to
    build interractive webpages.

  4. java 4 months, if you spend 6 hours daily.
    Java is a general-purpose
    programming language that is
    class-based, object-oriented. It is
    intended to let
    application developers write once,
    run anywhere..

  5. php 1 week, if you spend 2 hours daily.
    Was created by Danish-Canadian
    programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

    It is a scripting language for
    backend web development.

In the next post, I will include other programming languages.
Comments are appreciated. Thanks for your time

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