why some of my projects failed

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Over the last 3 years, these are some of my projects and why I think they did not succeed.

  1. project: adstech

aim: to monitor how well your ads are doing across platforms

failure reason: built only the landing page, marketed to the wrong market, didn't know how to build the whole project at the time

  1. project: apiteacher.website

aim: to teach people how to use popular APIs on the internet

failure reason: was too time consuming to learn and teach what is learnt, pricing was not inviting to customers

  1. project: codebrunner blog

aim: a blog about tech

failure reason: a saturated market, designing the website took 3 months as I was first learning to code front end and back end

  1. project: chargewhat.website

aim: advising new enterpreneurs on how to price their product

failure reason: was a great idea, had good initial traction, but did not find a way to monitize, solving customer problem required a lot of research and too much work, could not be automated

  1. project: covid19 app

aim: an app to monitor the progress of covid 19

failure reason: no market need, inability to monitize, google tried to discourage people from installing apps not from their playstore

  1. project: emailmanagement

aim: auto reply to emails, important emails automatically appear at the top of your inbox

failure reason: built only the landing page, building the actual project was too difficult at the time, difficult to get access to peoples' gmail inbox

  1. project: travel master

aim: a website that showed people the tourist attractive places in a country and how to get there from the airport

failure reason: customer of the project had too low a budget, cost of work exceeded profit

  1. project: neckline helper

aim: to help manage the businesses of busy enterpreneurs

failure reason: no market need, poor marketing of project, built only the landing page

  1. project: htmlrice.website

aim: a website boilerplate

failure reason: no market need for a paid boilerplate, too costly for customers, similar boilerplates existed in the market for free

  1. project: neckline

aim: to help online buyers to order the right cloth size for their bodies

failure reason:no market need, was a web app instead of a mobile app, customers expected the service to work inside the sellers' website but mine was standalone, sellers did not encourage using their cloth charts for your own purpose

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