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Bryce Dorn
Bryce Dorn

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GitLab Corners

Way back in 2015 Tim Holman made GitHub Corners, which are now everywhere across the open-source community. They're an undeniable improvement over the prehistoric ribbons (from 2008!) and are a beacon for collaboration. But now I use GitLab!

So here's a "thank you" to GitLab for being great, which I'll be using from now on. If you haven't tried it out, I definitely recommend giving it a go. And go follow @twholman on twitter, he makes some great stuff.

Head over to to see what they look like on a real page, or try them out below!

Any suggestions/contributions are welcome over on GitLab!

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Very cool. I don't use GitLab, but if I did, I'd use these.

Love the hover effect.

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Bryce Dorn