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How can you find the most Secure Web Hosting

No matter what type of website you plan to create, security is the most significant element to be considered. Lack of security can result in loss of crucial data as well as income. Thus, it’s necessary for you to determine whether your web host provides security adequately.

I am going to list out some of the most common and important security features, and if the web hosting company/site is providing you with these features, your business is in safe hands,

1.) SSL- It refers to Secure Sockets Layer, which provides an encrypted path between the browser and application server. A SSL certificate is very necessary if you want to run an e-commerce site, as it can help prevent user information from being stolen and also keeps the security of credit card or banking numbers, name, address, phone numbers, and other personal information.

2.) Firewall- A dedicated software firewall for each and every environment is a must, as it prevents unauthorized access to your private network and sensitive data.

3.) DDoS and malware protection- The result of effective DDoS protection is that your website is less likely to go down when under attack. Your website visitors are also less likely to be affected by poor website performance during an attack. In addition, malware protection and monitoring is also offered to keep your site guarded.

4.) SFTP- short for SSH File Transfer Protocol, it is a computing network protocol for managing and accessing files on remote file systems, it is one level above FTP. Although FTP is secure, files can occasionally be intercepted and modified with little or even no indication, while SFTP has no such vulnerability.

5.) Backups- Backups should be performed frequently in order to guard your site in case of a disaster or problem. A host that has sound back up procedures is a bonus. However, check to see how often the cloud host backs up their servers, which method are they using and where are the backups stored.

6.) Server maintenance - The cloud host should make sure that the server is maintained adequately to ensure attacks are restricted. Also, check if the host has a ‘published security protocol’, which is a good indication that they are on top of patches and upgrades.

If you deal with sensitive information, you must ensure that you are keeping your site as safe as possible. Don't neglect it when choosing a secure web host company, and your site will stay efficient and healthy.

Keeping all of the above information in mind will help you get started finding the right secure host for your needs. If you ask me, my hosting provider offers all these mentioned security features, and as a fact, I am a quite privileged and satisfied customer. Therefore, if you're still in search of a secure web hosting site, this solution is definitely worth a go. To know about their hosting plans-

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