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Which web hosting is best for WordPress

Considering the present scenario, you will find a number of options such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting and so on in the modern market, which offer you various solutions to host your WordPress site.

But what you are unaware of, are the few potential issues which are inevitable with traditional methods like Shared hosting and VPS hosting. The primary focus in Shared hosting is often on cutting costs rather than superior performance, as a result of which, you might experience resource limitation as everybody else in the server uses the same CPU, memory and bandwidth.

Meanwhile, VPS hosting on the other hand offers better performance compared to Shared hosting, but it too lacks in a few significant areas. You are still going to have only a fixed and limited amount of resources which can’t be scaled up or down without downtime.

Secondly, if the main server fails, your site, along with all the other sites on the server are going to fail.

I was suggested a PaaS solution called CloudJiffy, which basically is a container based service that groups multiple containers into environments, providing unique features that make hosting services a lot easier. It helped me overcome the majority of problems I faced using Shared and VPS hosting. They also provide you with the option of deploying applications including WordPress effortlessly at the click of a button.

Here, I was able to take advantage of the auto scalability, where my resources are automatically scaled up or down, depending on the traffic. Also, the option of automated Clustering is available, where our site is hosted on a platform of multiple servers, therefore my site is always going to be up and running even if anyone of the server fails.

Also, they offer a very unique and user-friendly Pay-As-You-Consume pricing scheme, where I only pay based on your actual resource consumption. To know more-

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