What kind of peripherals do you use?

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How much attention do you pay for your input devices, normally keyboard and a mouse?

I always loved mechanical keyboards and that clack sound they make and that keystrokes are now lighter, but I never really cared about mouse, however I noticed that my wrist starts hurting a bit and I started looking into more ergonomic ones.

Logitech MX Master 2S seemed like a good candidate but there are some complaints about its' build quality.

Logitech MX ERGO is praised but I'm not really sure about trackball.

Vertical mouses?

What do you use in your day-to-day job and if you're an fan of ergonomic mice that are built for productivity, what would you recommend?

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For years I used a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse. It mostly worked fine, but I had some minor problems in certain programs.

I made the switch back to a mouse last year, and went with a Logitech M720. I love it because all the buttons and gestures can be programmed, and can even be programmed to different functions based on the current app.

Some of the key bindings I have set up:

  • horizontal scroll will switch to next/previous tab
  • thumb buttons can copy and paste
  • middle click will open tabs in a new window in browsers, in other apps it saves.

I used to have a Logitech G600 with truckloads of extra buttons next to my thumb, it worked really well for MMO gaming but isn't very suited for programming and I just gifted it.

Are thumb buttons on M720 easy to reach? Don't you have to move your whole palm a little bit back in order to be able to press them comfortably?


I have no trouble reaching the buttons. My palm does move a little bit, but I can also hit them without moving my palm. There are three thumb buttons, and only the front two are programmable. The third one is for switching workstations, which I never do.

Thanks! I've purchased M720, it has a much better price tag compare to Master MX. Will see how well does it work on Monday


I use a Pok3r with Cherry MX Brown switches and the first generation MX Master. As far as ergonomics go, I don't have any complaints. I do use a Grifiti wrist rest for my keyboard, and they also make them for mice. I'm a big fan of the smaller form factor of a 60% keyboard because I can place my arms at a more comfortable angle with my mouse and keyboard close together.

I have Caps Lock mapped to the function key on my keyboard, so pinky on Caps Lock + ijkl are my arrow keys. There are some other handy navigation keys all around the home row that I find much more comfortable now that I've gotten used to them.


Nothing! I've always been pretty disorganized that I can't seem to stick with anything supplementary, but we're moving offices and I'm gonna give it a fresh start with things that can make my life a bit better.

Bookmarked the thread to follow along with the ideas.


Logitech Marathon M705 as a mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop as a keyboard

Both RF, not Bluetooth.

The mouse is fine, the keyboard is weird if you come from a Mac standard keyboard but I'm getting used to it. I also switched the Win and the Alt using Karabiner Elements


I still use Logitech MX500 released back in 2002.
It's been working great last 15 years.
But I am looking for a new mouse to use it on PC and Laptop simultaneously (I both PC & a laptop on my desk)

For keyboard, I use Microsoft's ergonomics keyboard (And for this one, I am also looking to get a newer version, which supports both wire/less).

Time to splurge with the tax return 😆

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