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What I learned In 2018!

We developers have a tendency of telling ourselves that we aren't good enough and have been too lazy because we didn't learn everything. For me I certainly felt like I learned almost nothing this year until I broke it down and analyzed my year logically. I took a look at all the things I learned in between my normal work, and life schedule and compiled a list.

Without further ado here are the things I learned:


I may have caught on late but I dedicated some time to learn webpack and got it implemented at my work and personal projects. I love the bundling and the ability to write js code as modules. Additionally being able to use typescript and vue together has been a great boon.

What I Can Improve

One thing I have not been able to find is why webpack adds so much extra code as part of the bundling process. It is not terribly significant in most of the work I do because we have an internal app at LAN speed, but for a live website that can be significant.


Typescript is great. Slowly we have been transitioning older code to use typescript and it has been a boon. Refactoring code becomes much easier, and understanding the flow of larger programs becomes easier.

What Can Get Better

Generics can be tricky sometimes and there are a few things that can take me some time to figure out (I'm looking at you bluebird promises + async/await).


I took the opportunity at work to learn golang for a project that could be sped up considerably with threading. I found Go to be very intuitive and easy to learn. I can certainly see why some choose to move to Go for high performance needs.

Things To Improve

I'm still not quite fluent so I need some more practice before I feel like I can tackle anything. The other thing is I really focused on go modules in 1.11 so my understanding of the classic Go dev methodology could use some work.

Some Other Things That I Will List

Lets see what else I can remember...

  • Node.js for webdev (used before in a kafka event system)
  • Adonis framework
  • Improved JS/PHP fundamentals
  • Some basics of C++

What To Do In 2019?

I am not much of a new year's resolution person, but I do have a few ideas on what I want to learn in 2019.

  • Golang api webdev
  • Vue server side rendering
  • Progressive Web Apps

All right folks, that's it for this post. Hopefully I have inspired you to take a look at your own work over the year and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you accomplished!

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