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I've used a great many Linux distributions over the last fifteen years. Based on that experience, I recommend using Pop!_OS for both development and daily use:

It's a variation of Ubuntu created and maintained by System76, a company that builds Linux-only PCs.

The GUI looks great, the tools are streamlined, and it's fast. It's the most stable and fun distribution, in my opinion.


Thank you for good feedback Ben. I hear this distro but I didn't try. I will try as soon as possible.


I think that Ubuntu 18.04 because have support until 2028 ten years and is really compatible with ruby, php, python, c, gcc, java, npm, javascript and other languages.


Fedora, it's RHEL's Upstream and gives you the best UX IMHO. It's also nearly as old as Debian.



Hi Felix,

I did try to Fedora but I have a wifi driver problem. My laptop is HP Envy 15 K202nt. If I fixed this problem I can use Fedora.


Oh, I haven't had one in years on any machine (except for some esoterical Netbooks) to be honest. I couldn't find a quick solution, but simply try asking on Ask Fedora and you'll get help for sure.

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