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Hi everyone,

I'm Burdette Lamar, a test automation zealot in Houston.

My first job out of college was teaching English at a technical college. I graded ten thousand essays (whew!), then took a second master’s degree and began teaching mathematics. That’s when I found computer programming. Or maybe I should say it found me, because it swallowed me whole.

Since joining the software industry, I’ve done three tours as a technical writer, five as a developer, and the rest as a test engineer. The largest companies I’ve worked for were Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett-Packard. The smallest have been startups, some with single-digit headcounts.

Developing software test automation is my passion. I’ve enjoyed doing this work using a variety of techniques, languages, and tools.

I have a blog, and a GitHub project, RubyTest.

My most current work is a framework for testing REST APIs.

A friend recommended that in look in on dev.to, and I'm liking what I see.

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Burdette Lamar


Started out teaching English at Embry-Riddle. Graded 10,000 essays. Lesson learned. Became a mathematics teacher. Discovered computing. Never looked back.


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Welcome, Burdette! Sounds like you have vast experience. It'll be great to have your insights in the various discussions around dev.to.