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Burdette Lamar
Burdette Lamar

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No More "About Ruby"

Some may recall the reason I was posting the "About Ruby" series: I was completing enhanced Rdoc for Ruby methods far faster than the Ruby team was merging my pull requests; so I stashed the stuff on my own site, and was "publishing" by posting here.

Well, now I'm a brand new ruby-committer (and feeling mighty biggity about that!), and so can merge my own Rdoc patches. I'm porting the stuff from AboutRuby to the Ruby project itself.

So -- no more "About Ruby" posts.

The Rdoc for Hash that's merged into the master branch may be seen here:

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Jennifer Tran

Congratulations!! 🙌🏻

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Kelly Stannard

Great news! Thank you Burdette

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Burdette! That's excellent. Congratulations - this is well earned.