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Burdette Lamar
Burdette Lamar

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Sitting Less

For reasons that shall remain unstated, I've had to sit much less lately.

For the last few days, I've stood while at my keyboard. Each day I'm more comfortable with that.

I learned on the first day:

  • Shoes are good.
  • Compression socks are good.
  • Moving around is good.

I work at home. For now, I'm on the high part of the kitchen counter (43 inches, 1.1 meters). I think The Woman will not tolerate that forever, so I'll be looking into getting a stand-up workstation.


  • Who's standing?
  • Who's liking it?
  • Who has a great stand-up workstation?

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Molly Struve (she/her)

Wrote a whole blog post on it! It includes the sit/stand desk I use as well as suggestions for standing mats if you want to get one of them! LOVE standing while I work!

burdettelamar profile image
Burdette Lamar

Great! Thanks, Molly!

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Doug Black

I've been at a standing desk for almost 8 years now, and love it! It takes some getting used to, but the most important things I've found are:

  • Good shoes go a long way. Make sure they have proper arch support.

  • A floor mat is a life saver! Even more support!

  • Sit when you need it. Standing for long periods can be just as harmful as sitting, so find a proper chair when you need to sit. And an adjustable desk is a Godsend in that, if you can find one.

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Jacob Evans

I try to go for more walks and take stretching breaks. I don't stand nearly enough.