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LearnShops : A new kind of free workshop built for pandemic days

When I first found at that I was going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, I thought, AMAZING. I'll have so much extra time to....I don't know what I'll do with it, but I'll have it and that will be awesome because I can do anything.

But it's not been awesome. It's been stressful.

All this time that I would normally spend traveling or with friends now has no purpose and that has caused me a significant amount of anxiety. There have been many evenings where I find myself wondering aimlessly around the neighborhood with no destination.

I feel an intense amount of pressure to be using this time constructively, but I don't want to spend it alone. It seems like there should be a way to combine both - socializing and learning in the traditional hands-on workshop format.

Introducing LearnShops

We're pleased to bring you a new series of monthly events called "LearnShops". You can think of them as a short, hands-on workshop combined with a lively chat.

We'll guide you through a different exercise each month. You follow along with us with the written exercises. We're using YouTube Live and there will be folks in the chat who can help unblock you if you get stuck. We'll also be answering your questions and chatting with you as we go.

When, Where, What's the topic?

Topic: Migrating a Node.js and Express API to Serverless
When: Tomorrow, at 8 AM PST
Where: Watch Broadcast (Add to your calendar: Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar)

Sorry if that's too early for you West Coasters, but we're trying to include as many folks as possible. A strong cup of coffee might be in order.

Learn with us

We'd love to see you there. I would love to see you there. I mean that. I miss the days where we could all meet in a room and learn together. We'll do that again. I promise. Until then, let's get learn together. I promise it's a whole lot more fun that doing it on your own. And maybe you won't find yourself aimlessly wondering the neighborhood.

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Sounds interesting, will definitely show up tomorrow. All the best :)