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Learn DevOps? I give you 10 reasons ✅

  • Let's start by defining what DevOps means:

  • Dev (Development)

  • Ops (Operations)

Designates the union of people and technology to deliver value to customers on a constant basis.

What DevOps allows is that the roles (development, security, IT operations…) can be coordinated in a simple way to create better products.

This is how benefits are obtained such as:

  • Create better products
  • Better meet customer needs
  • Reach goals in less time

That is why you are going to know the top 10 reasons to learn DevOps

1. You will have a complete view of the SDLC 😎

By getting a little familiar with DevOps, you will get the concept of the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC). As a developer, you will know what is happening at all times in testing and in production.

2. You will separate yourself from the crowd 🔝

DevOps will give you a huge advantage over competitors in an interview. You can always offer something good and unique for any organization.

3. You will add a lot of value to a company 👨‍💻

All good companies look for quality people. Even to cut costs, they look for people with as many skills as possible. If you learn DevOps, you will stand out and be a person who will add a lot of value to the company since you will know all the tools, technologies and possibilities that can be used for any purpose.

4. You will know the different existing tools 🔧

The best thing about DevOps is that you can work in different phases and for each one there are different tools (Jenkins, Chef, Nagios, Docker, Kubernetes, Git…) which you will learn over time and will be very useful.

5. You will avoid more errors in the software 💻

We all know that, when programming, any error can cause serious problems even for the entire company, indeed, for the entire country. If we go to some extreme example (which can happen) let's imagine that in the software of an electric vehicle there is an error that makes the vehicle not accelerate correctly, that can cause very serious problems.

DevOps makes it easy for the entire development team to be aware of all the other DevOps teams, feedback, and possibilities to improve the Software.

6. You will increase the speed 🏃‍♂️

The SDLC process will be much faster with the help of DevOps.

It would make it easier for companies to better understand user behavior and later incorporate those changes in future versions.
This can be an advantage over the competition at the same time that the user will have a better product. This is not just about continuous delivery, but also about continuous deployment. The clearest example is Amazon, its engineers implement code every 12 seconds on average.

7. You will have faster professional growth ⚡

It is very important to improve every day and especially when you are a developer, since nowadays technology advances very fast. You need to bring great value to the company and that's where DevOps comes in. This is the best way to increase your career growth in different companies.

8. You will get a well-paid job 🤑

DevOps professionals typically have high-paying jobs anywhere in the world, whatever country it is.

9. You will increase the ease of finding a job 🔥

The demand for DevOps professionals is very high around the world, but currently there are not enough people who meet the requirements set by companies. If you are in the development field, DevOps is a great opportunity for you.

DevOps will allow you to obtain the ease you need for development since, according to the CIO's knowledge, companies manage to increase their deployment frequency by 50% while reducing costs by up to 45%. In some cases, there has even been a 22% increase in clients, apart from increasing the chances of being hired.

10. Learning DevOps is easy 🤗

DevOps is easy to learn, really any developer with a minimum of experience can learn DevOps in a simple way, even with basic knowledge of Linux and any other programming language.

By becoming a DevOps engineer, you can easily understand the software development lifecycle and fully understand the different automation tools that exist for developing digital pipelines.

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