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Cesar Meza Carrillo
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What I've learned about React so far..

This is my first article about development, none the less, I want to share with you guys my experience learning about React so far and some tipocs that call my attention.

First of all. it was my first Javascript framework to learn and it was a little dificult on the begining since i couldn;t understand the component concepts and some usage 3 years ago, specifically it was hard for me to understand the class component concepts.

After that. I started to study about React Hooks and it's easy to understand it. use it and imagine how this pieces of code could help us out to build amaizing pieces of software!

Some of the common React Hooks that i've learned so far:
useState: (Used to handle states as the name says)
UseEffect: (This is a good option to handle side effects into
our components, in other words, if something changes, this
hook can help us out to perform some tasks depending on
what changes.

useContext: This is so usefull to share information between components without following the component path (AKA Prop Drilling)

From my experience.. It could be challenging at the begining but my advice on this could be this. Don't give up... if you got frustrated... take a breath and get back to it later... this can be challenging but one you can understand it... it becomes easy.

Thank you for reading my article... this is my very first try to communicate something to the world.

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Aaron Reese

Always keep in mind the Pareto Principle: 80% of your code will use 20% of your knowledge so where you probably makes you a productive React developer.
Unless you are wedded to React for business reasons I would say it is time to take a look at Vue, Angular and Svelte as they all have a different take on how to solve the reactive components problem. Even if you don't adopt them it will give you a greater appreciation of how and why React made the design choices it did.

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Andrew Baisden

Good luck you seem to be making good progress!

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