Hello, is there any (java) body out there?

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I'm seeing a decreasing or just out right distinctive lack of any Java or even sensible backend post or discussions going on.
A quick search for the Java tag on Dev.to reveals less than a handful of posts in 2019 and the majority of those are interview questions and techniques. This seems to be the theme across development communities.

Are we experiencing a backend (I say java as an example because that is my bread and butter) resource shortage? Are backend Devs less communal about knowledge sharing? What gives?

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I'm pretty new to Dev.to, but my impression is that this is a more beginner-friendly community, which means that people generally are using more trendy technologies - for better or for worse. I believe that dzone.com has a very healthy community of Java developers. FWIW, I've made my living for the last 10 years resuscitating legacy enterprise apps with modern frontends, so I live in both worlds. My last enterprise project was replacing a gnarly JSP mess with a modern REST/React/Responsive UI while leaving the core J2EE application untouched. Good times.


You might be right. I am also a backend Java/Scala developer but I also touch the frontend. Guess I should share something in the near future as well...

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