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Callum Macalast
Callum Macalast

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E-Commerce Build - What language/framework?

Looking for some advice on how to go about producing a bespoke E-Commerce platform.


Digital Agency looking to niche in the ecom side of things. Experience with WordPress and WooCommerce, looking to develop our own in order to achieve more customisation. We have faced difficulties using the WooCommerce ecosystem for certain integration builds so looking to expand the tech.

What Tech?

Looking for suggestions where we can achieve small scale builds but also have the ability to scale up to integrations with external APIs for larger businesses - B2B.

Initial Thoughts

Initially, my go to would be Laravel, as coming from a predominantly PHP focused background and knowing Laravel to some degree it makes sense. However, now seeing the sheer amount of JavaScript libraries there are I am stuck on decisions.

Any feedback or if anyone could shed a light on their own experiences would be much appreciated.


I think we are going to start using Laravel to achieve the E-Commerce build. After doing some research and taking on board your guys' feedback. It seems appropriate to use this framework.

Cheers all

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Christian Kozalla

Recently, I've heard of Medusa.js which claims to be "the open source shopify alternative" Medusa.js - on github it's written in node and split into several packages. Might be worth checking out

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Ucok I. L

Gonna check this, thanks

ifelsecodes profile image • Edited

I suggest you to explore open sour project vuestorefront
I have used it in past and it was a blessing for my startup

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Depends of skills in team beacause learning have a cost.
You can customize wordpress too with modules they are big companies that use wordpress
But for larger app when you need to scale is interesting to use system like queue
Choice depend of you time for develop this, skill in wordpress or laravel, and cost you invest in this.

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Callum Macalast


Indeed completely get where you’re coming from. I think an alternative to Wordpress would be ideal like Laravel as it would offer a new learning path and open up doors for further opportunities! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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It depends on how much you can "experiment".

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Manash Sonowal

I have develoyed and deployed multiple large scale sokutions in laravel and running at massive scale in aws and never looked back

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Callum Macalast • Edited

Hey! Thanks. Okay that sounds interesting. What’s the learning curve like for software as such? For a bunch of developers in there 3-4th year of development?


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Jeremy Moore

If you're familiar with Laravel, use Laravel. I've built one with it, with Symfony, with pure php back in the day. I don't think there's any wrong answer. If you have never built one - start with a stack you're already familiar with so that you're not biting off more than you can chew.