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I feel struggle to develop

Hi coders,
I write again because I started developing in Python and even though I tried to understand the language, I still have some difficulties with it.
My approach to the study is to read a book or see a tutorial and then copy the code, but I understand how those who wrote the code came to use those constructs or how they came to develop that logic.

I ask if this is the case for someone to learn a language in the best way.
CamiCode - newbie programmer

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Maxime Gaston


If you have no programming experience, you'll need to learn algorithmic first: the concepts of variables, control structures...

My advice would be to start small and build around this.
You can try to write a program that:

  1. print something (the famous hello world for example)
  2. then ask a user for input for example a number and print that number
  3. then print odd if the number is odd or even if it is event, you'll play with conditional structures
  4. then try the loops by printing n times the number from the input
  5. make that a function you'll call in your program...

Once you have assimilated the basic concepts you can try some challenge on codewars to train yourself on multiple problems and see solutions from the community to compare to yours.

Afterwars, try making a bigger project to assimilate more complex concepts: a basic CLI game for example, a website (check django or Flask), a bot, crawler or whatever you might find interesting.

You can also check the free course on Udemy: Python for absolute beginners

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Arminder singh

Nice course on Udemy for python, I Learns a lot

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thanks for your advice!
I try Codewars a little bit but It's difficult for me because I don't have logical ability yet and sometimes requirements are incomprehensible.