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Exploring Unity Game Engine

Hey everyone, as I stated back in my previous post I have started to work on some fun projects and so I figured I would begin by exploring Unity. I started the other day and began by following along with a brackeys tutorial. If you haven't checked out his channel make sure you do he is amazing!

Anyways I began by following his first person shooter series and had a lot of fun but I am never one to follow tutorials for too long because I get super bored and don't learn as well. So I began trying to modify code and do my best to read through the documentation.

I ended up making a little capsule character that moves around the screen and can shoot a ray trace that isn't visible to the player just yet (still don't know how to do that lol). It's been a lot of fun and I am glad I have tried it, I hope to continue to learn and hopefully I'll have my own game soon.

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At the HumbleBundle page there is a small bundle, with very good price where there are plenty of Unity course for game development. I think, maybe worth to check it out, maybe it could help in your journey.

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Chase Struse

Thanks for the tip! I just bought it!