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Carl Mungazi
Carl Mungazi

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Do you enjoy reading source code?

I love reading the source code of popular libraries and finding out how other developers have solved different problems. Just recently I was looking into how frontend frameworks attach event handlers to DOM elements and it led me to reading about the optimisations JavaScript engines make when accessing object properties.

Does anyone else loving digging around in other people's code?

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Alan Solitar

Yes, I really enjoy this. I love seeing how things work under the hood and seeing all the interesting and unique ways features are implemented. I've gotten many ideas for how to architect features in my own code via reading other people's code. In particular, reading through Django and Django Rest Framework source code was really interesting and beneficial for me.

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Carl Mungazi

Interesting. What are some of the things you learnt from Django's source code?

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Natti Katz

Occasionally yes. Although I generally just use the library methods as a black box that give me my desired output. Abstraction is necessary, but it's always interesting to peel the layers when you have the opportunity.