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Cool APIs you might not know about 😎

Here are some cool APIs you might not know about. They are all free to use for no comercial projects.


Have you ever wanted to make a recipe book app? This is the best choice you can find. It gives you images, diferent searching filters and any kind of meal you can imagine. The same people also have a Sports API, a Cocktail API and a Audio (music) API, they're also pretty cool.

Alt Text


This API gives you all the information you need about this pandemic. It gives you global information, but if you only want to check how your country is doing, you can also do that easily. This API is really useful, not only to practice your coding in a fun way, also to be aware of how this pandemic is affecting the whole world.

Alt Text


I do not know why this API is not more popular. From probably the biggest GIF website, they give you access to all the gifs you want, their creator and much more. You can pick between API and SDK in this one, the SDK gives you more data.

Alt Text

The Cocktail DB

As I mentioned before, it is developed and mantained by the same people as the Meal DB. It gives you all the data you can think of about cocktails. Really easy to use as well.

Alt Text

Hope you find this helpful.

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