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Articles you may have missed last week but it's worth reading 👍

Hello DEV people! 👋

This is the second post I'm creating in this series I intend to help promote nice articles that I feel they should have got more attention.

This is a way to raise awareness of these content creators so that you could follow them and stay tuned to new articles that could help you learn.

The list aims to help these content creators to have another way to reach more people and have their work appreciated. I tried to get these articles(in no particular order) from the last 7 days so they are relatively new on here.

The list 📝

1. [Storyblok, Gatsby] Programmatically create blog post pages from data

If you're someone who wants to have a super blazing fast blog app with headless CMS integrated in it in the easiest way then Storyblok + Gatsby.js might be for you 😎

In this article, Arisa shows you how to play around with Storyblok and programmatically create blog post pages. Also, this is the first article of her series about working with both so you should check it out :)

2. NextAuth.js Intro [3 of 3]: Adding Access Control

In this series, Mike explores different patterns for using next-auth with Next.js for easy and powerful login and sign up.

In this article, he talks about requiring the user to be logged in to see parts of the app. Great introduction to NextAuth!

3. Implementing a Social Share Feature

For all the content creators, having a share button that will help readers spread your content is essencial.

In this article, Daniel shows us how to create a button that shares pre-defined tweet, sms and email. The interaction of the sharing button is awesome as well so check it out and be inspired!

4. Remote Onboarding as a Software Engineer

In our current situation, we were forced to work remotely and it's no surprise that after experimenting with it, most of the developers want to work like this even if partially. So companies may keep this way of work and remote onboarding will be more frequent.

In this article, Ben shares some tips for us to have a better experience and give a better impression when remotely joining a team.

5. Creating an Accordion Component in React with Typescript and TailwindCSS

If you're like Julia and don't use any external UI library on your project or enjoy building them from scratch + uses TailwindCSS then this is for you.

In this article, she creates it from scratch showing the states logic and TailwindCSS classes she needed. Even if you're not like Julia neither you're creating an accordion, it's worth seeing how TailwindCSS can be used.

6. Sustainable string enums in Typescript

If you need to have some limited options, to a dropdown, for example, that could also change in the future, using string enums can be the best alternative.

In this article, Alexis shows us how to use it to reduce the possibility of inconsistency and make it easier to change.

That's it! ✌️

Hope you find it usefull somehow. If you liked it, don't forget to go to these articles and give it a ❤️. It's nice when someone show their love and gratifying for the author to see they've helped people :)

This is just a list I made trying to help these authors, none of them asked for it neither they know about it 😂.

There are many other nice articles out there but I can't put them all here so if you think your article deserves a second chance feel free to drop it in the comments :)

If you liked it, leave it a ❤️. Hopefully we can also connect on Twitter, I also share nice articles I find there :)

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Rafael Leitão

@arisa_dev @mcavaliere @dsasse07 @benzo @bionicjulia @afrodevgirl
Hope you don't mind me sharing, I thought they were worth reading :)

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Bionic Julia

Thanks Rafael, really appreciate the shout out! :)

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Daniel Sasse

Thank you Rafael, I appreciate the support!

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Absolutely not. Glad you liked it :)

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Mike Cavaliere

Why would anyone mind? 😀 Thanks!

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Arisa Fukuzaki

I'm super happy and it was a really nice surprise to see that😍
Keep posting cool stuffs👍