Hi, I'm Carson Evans

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I have been coding for 20 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @carsonevans and on my blog carsonevans.com

I live in Fairfax County, Virginia, where my wife and I run a software development company called Digital Ambit

Historically I have focused on web development and content management systems, sometimes with a commerce integration. Lately I have been more focused on data integrations and APIs.

I can write in many languages and know several open source frameworks. I prefer PHP using Laravel for writing APIs or quick applications. I use Drupal for content based sites. When doing data integrations for enterprises I will often write services in C#. I have built sites in the .Net MVC when companies don't want to run PHP. I also know my way around several of the AWS services.

I hack on node.js and the many JavaScript front end frameworks that are out there when I am playing around. I try to attend local PHP, API, Drupal, and Node.js meetups whenever possible.

I would love a chance to work on node for an enterprise client but have yet to convince one of my existing ones to let me do so.


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Ben Halpern

Welcome Carson! What got you interested in Node?

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Carson Evans Author

I was a "full stack" developer back when "Advanced HTML" was just nesting tables together and JavaScript was used for link hovers. As front-end became a more specialized thing I gravitated towards the JavaScript side of things but continued to do back-end work mostly. When Node presented itself as a way to do JavaScript on the back-end I was immediately intrigued. I still don't have any professional experience doing it, but hack around on it as much as I can.