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The Top-10 reasons you should attend CascadiaJS 2021

This year's CascadiaJS is going to be so big and so awesome, it's hard to fit everything that we're putting together for you into a single tweet.

So here's a quick Top-10 list of why this year's event is going to be our best one yet. Don't miss out!

1. The speakers

This year's speaker lineup is just out of this world Ringed planet

From #web3 to #ML to #OpenSource to #a11y, there are talks for every kind of web developer and every stage in their career. And all in a single track, so you won't miss anything!

2. An awesome virtual experience

For folks who don't live in Cascadia or prefer to stay at home, we are shipping the same, amazing virtual experience that we shipped last year!

πŸ“Ί Live streamed talks
🀝 Networking activities
πŸŽ‰ Virtual parties & trivia

3. In-person options

This year's conference is the 1st to feature 3 simultaneous in-person events in the major cities of Cascadia: Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC Flag of United StatesFlag of Canada

You can attend CascadiaJS from the comfort of your own city (and your own bed)!

4. An epic Goodie Box shipped to you!

For every attendee who registers before Sept 17, we are shipping them their own Goodie Box that will include a conference hoodie plus a bunch of other awesome goodies.

We built a fit guide this year because people come in all shapes and sizes.

5. Scholarships

We have an Opportunity Scholarship program for folks who belong to under-represented groups or have issues purchasing tickets at full price.

And, so far, it's been funded by our community to the tune of $1360.

6. A Hack Day

We are hosting our first ever Hack Day!

The folks from Battlesnake are going to help us run the CascadiaJS Cup where developers code their very own BattleSnake and pit them against each other in 2 dimensional combat.

7. Central venues for the in-person daytime events

The venues in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC for the daytime events are going to be EPIC.

We've announced UBC Robson Square in Vancouver, and are on the cusp of making big announcements for SEA and PDX.

8. Epic night-time after parties

The night-time Opening and Closing in-person after parties are going to be πŸ”₯

Like the daytime events, these events will be 100% private and will require everyone to be vaccinated.

We're still working on the details, but the probability of karaoke 🎀 is very high.

9. Post-conference workshops

Following the conference is an ENTIRE WEEK of world-class programming workshops being hosted by @eveporcello @blove @marcysutton and Ben Ilegbodu πŸ‘€

They are covering everything from #javascript to #a11y to #performance to #graphql and more!

10. The community

Finally, the last reason to attend CascadiaJS is because you'll be joining a kind of inclusive community of web developers.

You may find a new job, you'll probably learn some new skills, but we KNOW you'll make some great friends Growing heart

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