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Few Rules of Studying Every Developer Should Follow

Being a self-taught programmer, We already knew what we had to do and how to learn efficiently and quickly. In this post, I will go over a few rules that we should follow whenever we have to learn something new.

1. Recall what you’ve just learned

After going through a chapter or coding exercise, do something else and remember the main ideas of what you learned.
Try recalling them when you are doing mundane activities like doing the dishes, going out to the store, or taking a shower.
The ability to recall new things you learned will help you cement them in your mind much more easily.

2. Train your mind like you would train your body

Spread out your learning a little every day, just like a bodybuilder. The brain is like a muscle – it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.

Try to split your learning routine into something similar to muscle groups:

  • Database management day (SQL/NoSQL)
  • REST API day
  • Web Design / Web Apps
  • Functional JavaScript day

3. Write the code by using your own logic

Write out the code as you go along with the tutorial you are watching or reading. If you cannot keep up with the pace, press pause, solve the issue or coding challenge, and then resume the video.
So better start practicing instead of giving more time to watch the tutorials.

4. Chunk the ideas and problems

The idea of chunking is to understand and practice with an idea or solution to a problem to the point where you can recall it in a split second.

Once you have learned a new programming concept, take some time to repeat it and this repetition goes every day until you won't master into a particular language.

5. Take some break

Sometimes you get frustrated that you've been stuck on a problem for so long, and it seems like you cannot figure it out. This is the ideal moment to take a break.

Let your mind relax for a while.

6. Always keep encouraging yourself

Sometimes you feel like the work you are putting in is not getting you anywhere. This happens to everyone from time to time. You are not to blame, honestly.

If you want to stay motivated, make yourself feel like you are making progress.No matter what’s happening in your life, always have one thing you’re making progress with, so you feel good about it and yourself.

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Rudy Quiroga Gamboa

Taking note of these good tips, greetings from Bolivia!!

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Anmol Vishwakarma

I hope this will be helpful for you and for every other developer ☺✌