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Nevertheless, Ceri-anne Coded

I began to code because...

I wanted to change career and I love maths, problem solving and tech. I started learning to code in January 2016 teaching myself Ruby and then did a 14 week evening course learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. I began my first role as a junior developer in November 2016 and now code in Swift/iOS.

Iā€™m excited about..

Contributing to the app. I was nervous about contributing to open source for the first time but have loved getting involved!

I want to brag about...

Successfully changing career at 37 years old and learning a whole load of new things when I had thought I was too old. It was scary starting again but it was totally worth it!

My advice for allies to support women who code is...

Listen to them, mentor them and sponsor them! :)

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Soris Cox

I sometimes feel too old too! You are proof of what is possible. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Amara Graham

Love the advice at the end! And I think its very healthy to be nervous about contributing to open source for the first time, or really, doing anything for the first time!