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Create a Netflix clone from Scratch: JavaScript PHP + MySQL Day 64

Netflix provides streaming movies and TV shows to over 75 million subscribers across
the globe. Customers can watch as many shows/ movies as they want as long as they are
connected to the internet for a monthly subscription fee of about ten dollars. Netflix produces
original content and also pays for the rights to stream feature films and shows.

In this video,we will be Inserting Data into videoProgress Table

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meatboy profile image
Meat Boy

To be honest, I am impressed how regular your series is! Great work :)

manthanbhatt profile image
Manthan Bhatt

Is there any particular reason for using PHP and MySQL for developing the clone?

cglikpo profile image
Christopher Glikpo

Since the tutorial series is targeted towards beginners who want to learn how each pieces fit together in creating a complex web app that look like netflix and also,decide whether Frontend or backend is for them.And also,per my knowledge I believe php and mysql is easy to learn for newbie that is why I decided to use php without using a framework for them to decide what interest them.Even though the tutorial is targeted towards beginners,intermediate programmers can also get one or two tips and tricks to add to their toolbox.