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Cheat sheet - Keyboard shortcuts to become a VS code ninja

Greetings developers!

My name is Chae and I have recently been introduced to the world of front-end development. Simply put, the journey has been an absolute blast so far. It's inspiring to see rich front-end knowledge being shared in such a collaborative manner, especially within the DEV Community.

This summer I joined LogRocket as a Marketing Intern and I've been working closely with the content team to assist with our blog. One of our readers commented on a recent post Learn these keyboard shortcuts to become a VS code ninja and suggested that a printable cheat sheet version of this post would be useful.

I couldn't agree more.

Here is the cheat sheet which contains keyboard shortcuts you can use in Visual Studio Code. You may print it, bookmark it, or simply download it to keep at your disposal.

Until next time and happy coding!

VS code cheat sheet

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Brian Neville-O'Neill

Nice. 👍