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What is Bootstrap?

Imagine wanting to create a weekly news webpage. You want to write new content each week. You want it to look consistent from week to week. Once you have your first week coded and full of your weeks content, wouldn't it be nice to just have to put the next weeks content in without having to redo the entire webpage? Also, working smarter not harder is key. So how can you accomplish this? Bootstrap to the rescue!

Bootstrap is a free toolkit and was created by Twitter developers to allow users to create quick and consistent webpages with ease. Its a collection of prewritten code for you to use. Prior to Bootstrap, developers would have to create common webpage features over and over again just hoping they could make it consistent with what came before. With Bootstrap you can have consistency with your fonts, font size, colors, and more. Bootstrap is one of the most popular tools in creating webpages! You can use it with HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to design layouts for your content.

To learn more and to get started with Bootstrap, go to:

Happy Coding!

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