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I Did My Own Small Benchmark. C# - List of Int vs Array of Int

Cory Harkins
Just a web dev trying to code my way through the world!
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I consider myself an easy going guy. I like coffee, the simple things in life. Lists in my programming.

But after doing some reading and reading some debates online, I decided to run a small benchmark myself on Lists vs Arrays.

I did this with an extremely small set of data. I started the C# Stopwatch class and ran the clock over setting up the data structure, populating it, and then looping through those items in it.

Both sets of data held integers 1 through 10.

It took 00:00:00.0230056 seconds to process the list.
It took 00:00:00.0008005 seconds to process the array.

That is a ridiculously smaller amount of time to process the array.


I wrote more on medium if you want to follow the article there.


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djnitehawk profile image

for this kind of benchmarking it's always better to use over stopwatch.

charkinsdevelopment profile image
Cory Harkins Author

That's great to know! I had never heard of it!