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Charlie Say
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What is your morning routine?

Some people wake up at 4am, workout, meditate, eat, coffee repeat.

Some people wake up at 11am - roll onto a Teams call and then do their morning routine.

Mine? - 8AM Wake up, coffee, stretch & then jump on for my 9am meeting!

So what is your daily morning routine?

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Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Gym day (Mon, Wen, Fri)
6:00 Wake up and go to gym
8:00 Walk back from gym via Starbucks and get large filter coffee
8:30 Shower
9:00 Make coffee and start working

Non Gym day (Tue,Thu)
6:00 Wake slowly up and go to shower
6:30 Make coffee and browse internet
7:00 Make breakfast for kids and wife
8:00 Drink coffee and browse internet
9:00 Drink more coffee and start to work

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Calin Baenen • Edited
if brain.owner.is_awake() {
  brain.set_powerstate( PowerState::Sleeping );
} else {
    || {
      brain.fetch_activityroutine().try_to( BrainCmd::Frontize );
      let mut p = brain.activitypacket();
      p.powerstate = PowerState::Waking;
    || {
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Davide de Paolis • Edited

Wake up at 6 - wash stretch/yoga.
6:30 sign-in at work. (I am fully remote) and check emails, slack, monitoring systems of our apps, recap what my team has done while I was offline, start some code reviews
7:15 7:45 breakfast with wife and kids
7:45 10:00 some coding
From 10:00 is usually meetings and supporting my team.

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Guilherme Thomas • Edited

Usually wake up at 7am, bath, eat something and I'm ready to get my bus at 7:40. At 8:15 I checkin for work and I thank god there's coffee available.
Being a small team we don't have meetings, we just update our journals and that's it.

Today is raining and I hate raining days haha my shoes are all wet ffs

adriens profile image
  • Wake up
  • Breathing & stretching exercises morning (for freedivers)
  • Take a shower
  • Put some Jazz
  • Take a coffee
  • Get news feeds on Twitter and for IT/tech news
  • Focus on the issues I did previously prepare (no email)
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Dennis Tobar • Edited

6.30 AM wake up me and my kids
7.30 AM wife and kids leaving from house
7.31 AM go to sleep again .... just kidding :)
7.31 AM shower and breakfast
8.15 AM Wikipedia (edit) and some reading about tech news (Twitter, devto, LinkedIn)
9.00 AM ready to go :)

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Wake up at 7:30, poop, streach, work for two hours, coffee and breakfast , start working again

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6am - wake up
6:15 - get out of bed
6:16 - 6:45 - Breakfast, and hydration (I drink a ton of water in the morning)
Wake kids up before 7
Feed them and put the door by 8
Work starts at 9

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β€’ Wake Up
β€’ Browse social media for around 10 minutes (devto, reddit, discord, ect)
β€’ Shower
β€’ Breakfast
β€’ Coffee
β€’ Start working

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Hi charley mine do change , but mostly i wake around:

  • 5/6:30 am - take a look at book or an article
  • 7:30/8:00 - go get some breakfast
  • 8:30/9:00 - start working on some app