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Charlie Say
Charlie Say

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What project are you most proud of?

You write some code, spend days if not months iterating over it - you push it finally to production and you sit there super satisfied and it gets your favourite project ever name

So what is your favourite project you’ve done and why?

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

I'm most proud of my Open Source projects:

It's really great when you create something and people use it. My first project on the list has quite some users. But the other two not so much, at least this is what I can tell because there are no bug reports or questions yet. But there is much you can do to see if people actually use your project.

I wish people would share if they use your project, GitHub stars doesn't say much.

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Charlie Say

I totally agree! Crediting OSS goes a long way

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Aaron Reese

I joined a company that did twice yearly price updates. They had 10.4M price points across 60K skus and seven marketplaces. The update had to be run in real time (i.e. the night of the price change) and took 5 hours and has to be done by the IT team.
I made it so that the users could update the prices in advance and the application on the day took 9 minutes.

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Muhammad Uzair

Did you optimize query or something ?

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Aaron Reese

Several things. Firstly introduced some efftive from/to fields so that future records could be entered. Second removed a whole bunch of cursors. Third new indexes. Fourth lots and lots of temp tables. Fifth proper table joins so we could make use of statistics. Sixth. Introduced some config and aggregator tables.
Was an interesting project.

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I have special feelings for my first Open Source contribution to supercharge Oracle 11g (at that time I was DBA)... called oracle-jutils making it possible and very easy to :

  • Send XMPP messages and list buddies (and their status) from Oracle
  • Compute checkum and mimeType on binary Types (BLOB, CLOB, XMLTYPE,...)
  • Zip/unzip BLOB on the fly
  • Dump and load BLOB from a single and dummy sql statement
  • Interact with Twitter (list Friends, Favorites, Timelines, post Status, ...)
  • List zipped blob contents (files, directory,...) via a simple select statement
  • Encode/Decode QrCodes from sql

The website was produced with docbook stylesheets and that was super fun.

See below Twitter interactions from SQL :

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Jane Ori

Came for that great header image, commenting for the invitation to plug ~
It's just a CSS file but it lets you do like 100 (related) things that are a complete pita to do manually.
I built it because I loved the UI in Deus Ex Human Revolution and really want to see more sci-fi ui on the web - so I made it easy to do. :)

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Tip Season

I feel proud of (A great place to learn top tech and interview tips ) As part of that I learnt a lot about

  1. GitHub pages
  2. Markdown
  3. Java schedulers
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Muhammad Uzair

I feel like I am proud of my FYP, even though i copied initial code from GitHub, then studied each piece & added Face recognition in NodeJS.
I learned programming along the way & it was satisfactory.

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Parvez Shaikh

Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) in a heavy content driven website.
Integrating Apple SignIn module in PWA.
Creating design system from scratch in the e-commerce based website/platform.