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Charlie Say
Charlie Say

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What is your one big tip you'd tell yourself starting out becoming a developer?

we all started somewhere in this big world of development.

I wish I wish I wish! I had told myself that :

it is OK to not know the answer & ask questions, lots of them.

There are many devs on Dev.To just starting out in their journey, and are looking for any tips no matter big or small.

So what is your ONE BIG TIP that you wish you had told

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Andrew Baisden

I would tell myself to build in public and become active on social media and blogging communities.

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Tonghe Wang • Edited

Apart from being more practical, I’d tell myself:

Stick to one thing, anything, and focus on it. That way you’d feel ready sooner. Whichever you choose, don’t doubt that choice. Put in the effort, it will click.

Build things. Don’t just read or follow tutorials. And don’t do “premature optimizations”. Putting together a system (a whole thing that runs, with several parts) with whichever technology is way more important than worrying about if each part is working optimally.

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To look up "tutorial hell"

No amount of studying will make you feel ready. It's the experience from your first job that makes you feel ready.

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Randell Knight

I agree with you, crowdozer. At some point, one must simply jump into a job and proceed from there. There is no replacement for experience.

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Hamid Hassani

Be more practical.
Stop just reading stuff, take advantage of them in a real project for god sake!

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Tonghe Wang

I agree.