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My top 3 books I'd suggest to read are:


I have not read many development-oriented books, although I watched many youtube vids and played with CodeWars quite a bit (although not ideal for learning as it does not explain what you do, it's better to challenge your knowledge).

Some of the best videos I watched are from MPJ from Fun Fun Function, a shame that he is taking an indefinite hiatus.

Another great youtube channel is The Coding Train.


aw Love fun fun function. So sad to hear that he ended the channel.


Me too :( But happy for MPJ though


I don’t really know any book but I can tell you I really loved Codecademy when I was a beginner. Also Coursera is amazing there’s a course from John Hopkins of web development and another of AngularJS u recommend you to take those


FreeCodeCamp is the best suited website to start learning web development in my opinion πŸ˜ƒ


russian htmlacademy much better then it


We're all new at web dev. πŸ™‚ It changes every day. It would depend on what has you excited, I liked the pdfdrive.com/javascript-and-jquery... style books, there's an HTML CSS one also. They're not like thick textbooks, enough to get you started building little things and enjoying the process...


Maybe skip the jQuery... although it is entirely valid to still use, any book that helps you focus on vanilla JavaScript is going to be worth it.