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This is basically a link to an article with two pictures cut out of the long target article. No elaboration, no personal comments, whatsoever. So no value at all, beside providing the link.

@chenge : if you are "looking for work", as you state in your profile, this article here, IMHO, is not a good publicity for you and your work. You just provided a link with two "stolen" pictures. Next time add your own opinion on it, or some information on how the information was gained, the methodology, whatever ...


I not hope find job here.

I just share some info fun. Share pic = stolen? You just close the net, then no one stolen pic.


Haha... fine then.
Maybe I'm just too paranoid, living in a country where linking without source attribution can be prosecuted by law.
Lucky you.


I find this very confusing. I guess a top position in this ranking is bad, so I should rather learn #18 ruby than #1 elm, right? What about the languages that didn't make it on the list? Should I learn python? Should I learn cobol?


in my opinion and experience, Python's a good choice. I work with huge databases and building applications that do pretty cool things, and I've only ever seen Java and C++. there are Python components, but they're never doing heavy lifting. they're always a side program to a main program written in Java

just my take, but decide what industry you want to work in, find out what languages they use, and learn the ins-and-outs of those. good luck!


Techstack are (probably) just a number of entries shown on this service:

That being said, I remember that last year this ranking was heavily critisised for it's methodology and I don't think it improved much. Taking this tech stacks into account - yes, there are few for Erlang. But Facebook chat, Discord and WhatsApp are among them. Try to find something matching it by scale in those "loved and popular" languages ;)


Thanks for info. I like elixir, so erlang too.


IMO, Elixir, TypeScript and Kotlin are excellent languages to learn in 2019.

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