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react-jsx-template, now on npm!

If like me you ever wondered if it was possible to write scoped styles in your react components, I have a recommendation for you and it's right here:

Like most developers learning react.js after using Vue.js, I wanted to be free to create styling rules without fear that it might affect something in any other component. This luxury comes by default when creating apps with the Vue CLI, however React developers have devised means to cope with the challenge caused by the lack of this feature (ignore it). πŸ‘Œ

A JavaScript app is made up of so many moving parts that you just can't afford to leave the crank case open. It's a great deal that React's modular approach allows us to split our code based on functionality, however, if we add encapsulation to our components, our working directories would be much safer to code in.😎

The react-jsx-template takes away the pain of figuring out which CSS rules broke the page πŸ€”. Check it out on npm, and don't forget to share.

Happy coding...πŸ€“

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