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Has Reality Punched You in the Nose?

Jim Medlock
I manage Operations at Chingu, Inc. We help bridge the knowledge you have gained via your learning activities and the experience employers seek through global remote team projects. Come join us.
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Dealing with Uncertainty as a Developer

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Something every Developer faces is that reality sometimes rears its ugly head and punches you right in the nose! Everyone and every team have moments of uncertainty when a project doesn’t go as planned.

This could be the result of a technical problem, a team issue, or the realization that the project is too complex to complete in the available time.

But uncertainty !== failure!!!

Uncertainty is your signal to pause, evaluate the situation, and adjust your project plan and perhaps even your outlook.

This might be as simple as just asking for help on a technical issue, or it may reducing the scope of your project so it becomes achievable.

Emotions are part of the human experience, but don’t let them dictate your future. Take a fact-based approach to dealing with what reality throws at you to find the best solution with less stress.

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