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My Solutions to Advent of Code 2019

This year again, I decided to solve the Advent of Code. All my solutions are now public at GitHub. I used Perl, my native programming language, but hopefully I managed to stay on the readable side.

My solution for day 18 part 2 was accepted, but the program didn't work for one of the examples mentioned in the description, so it's definitely buggy.

To solve day 22 part 2, I first needed to understand a Java solution posted on Reddit, otherwise I would have stayed clueless.

Living in the Central Europe, I haven't managed to get up early enough to get into the main leaderboard. On the other hand, only two solutions (part 2 of days 20 and 24) were submitted more than 24 hours after the publication time.

I enjoyed all the assignments and loved to participate. Having spent hours with some of the solutions, I still can't imagine what kind of graft it must be to prepare the competition. Big thanks to the organiser!

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