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Chris Sev
Chris Sev

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I procrastinated. Coding frenzy incoming

The DEV + DigitalOcean Hackathon started on December 10.

It's the last week to join the hackathon!

I had lofty goals of the things I wanted to build.

  • Personal Site
  • Wedding Site
  • URL Shortener App
  • One Time Secret App

This post is me saying to the world that I am still going to build all these things!

Procrastination can happen due to the holidays and the new year. Not anymore!

I'll be building this all on my Twitch. Join me there for the next few days.

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prasanna_rkumar profile image
Prasanna Kumar • Edited

Lol!, All the best!

I, on the other hand, completed my app a long ago and procrastinated to make a submission post.

chris__sev profile image
Chris Sev

haha all will be well by jan 10! cheers!

your app is awesome!

lynmuldrow_93 profile image
Lyn Muldrow • Edited

same! Cheering you on- you've got this!

I published one, but still want to work on my astrology app idea. I'm joining you in the 5 day frenzy! :D

scrabill profile image
Shannon Crabill

I appreciate the honesty, haha.