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I'm joining the DEV hackathon! Here's what I'm going to build

We're running a hackathon with DEV and DigitalOcean for December 10 - January 10. This is a great opportunity to force ourselves to build the projects we've been wanting to build.

I'll be spending this hackathon building and streaming on Twitch. Here's the things I want to build:

  • Personal Site/Portfolio (Blog)
  • New Side Project Site (Blog)
  • Vue URL Shortener (App)
  • Wedding Site for me and Kapehe's upcoming marriage! (Site)

Join me in building some fun stuff to close out the year! You can always chat with me on Twitter and find me streaming on Twitch

Deploying to DigitalOcean App Platform

All of these apps will be deployed to DigitalOcean's App Platform. The cool thing about App Platform is that we can deploy a backend (API or CMS), a database, and a frontend (React/Vue) all in one place.

Deeper Dive into the Apps

Let's take a deeper dive into how I'll be building each of these.

Building Blogs/Sites

To build the personal site, side project site, and wedding site, I'll need a frontend tool that I'm comfortable with. I'll be using React and more specifically Next.js.

I've done some research building out App Platform projects with Strapi and Next.js and also with Laravel and React

Vue URL Shortener

I'll be using a Django API and Vue for the frontend. I'm using Vue here to switch things up and try something that isn't React. A hackathon is a great place to try out new technologies!

Let's Build

Lots of fun to happen in December and I'm excited I finally get to finish out some projects I've wanted to do for a while now. Join me by checking out the hackathon.

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These look interesting. I'm interested in learning React soon so I will follow your building/blog sites project closely to learn more. I just completed my entry in the #dohackathon. Check it out if you get a chance.

Keep on programming, keep on learning. ~raddevus