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5 Awesome DEV Hackathon Submissions

THe DEV + DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon is in full swing (Dec 10 - Jan 10).

I've seen lots of amazing people getting involved and some fun submissions. Here's 5 submissions I've found awesome so far:

1. Random Potato Mood Generator by Alba Silvente 💃🏼

This project uses Nuxt and Tailwind. I want to play around with Nuxt more after seeing this.

Alt Text

2. Color Game by Bo Iliev

Alt Text

3. McBroken Dashboard by Caleb Lemoine

An app to show you all the broken McDonald's Ice Cream Machines in the US. Amazing!

Alt Text

4. Landing Laravel by Erika Heidi

I adore Laravel so it's good to see some Laravel submissions!

Alt Text

5. Gitalitycs by Dharmen Shah


This only scratches the surface of the great submissions. Be sure to join the DEV Hackathon! Excited to see what else you all make!

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Alba Silvente Fuentes

Oooh 😍 Thanks for your kind words 🤗
I will be so honoured if you start using Nuxt 💝
Merry Christmas 🎉 and I hope you're not in a COVID Potato mood today 😅