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Learn Javascript By Building Projects (for free!)

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This week, I have just released a free, project based Javascript course.

Fun Javascript Projects.com!

The course is aimed at beginners, and currently included 6 projects to see how HTML, CSS and Javascript all fit together.

Although I do explain as we go, the intention is to just jump in and build things, to give beginners a portfolio of projects they can use, modify and reference in the future.

What will you build? Let's take a look.

Project 1- Quick Tip (tip calculator)

tip calculator image


Project 2- Running Tracker App

running tracker project


Project 3- Guess The Number Game

Guess the number game image


Project 4- Number Match Game

Number match game


Project 5- Photo Effects App

Photo effects image


Project 6- Music Player App

Music player image


This course is completely free, and the project can be taken at your own pace, in any order.

Hope you enjoy!

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Used your website. The content is great. I stuck on the password validation error for a while. Please highlight the error if signup has so that user can catch it. Your validation error just changes paragraph which is no much eye catchy. Otherwise all else is great.


Thanks for letting me know, I will look into it today!


Hey man, this is awesome! I go to reservation time for this. Thank you!


Interesting set of projects šŸ™Œ


Talk about amazing content and all for free, fair play Chris! Most creators wouldn't put so much time and effort into a course like this and then give it away for free. *tips hat ā¤ļø


Iā€™m currently working on these & I love doing them! Thank you! šŸ˜ƒ


Nice projects.
Thanks for sharing!