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Webflow's 10,000 Javascript Character Limit [bypassed]

Webflow I love you.

You make web development fun again, but...

😡 Your 10k character limit for Custom Javascript Code is killing me!

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Here's the quick and easy way to get past it 🤩

Step 1:

I create a string of characters 20,000 long. I know, I know, it's a 10k limit. But I really wanted to test this! 😅

Image description

Step 2:

I create a Javascript file and added those 20k characters to a constant. Then added a simple JS alert popup after it.

Then I hosted it on Github:

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Step 3:

Went over to JS Deliver Doc's and looked up the URL I should use.

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I love JS Deliver. This is what the URL looks like for me:
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Step 4:

Bundled up the JS Deliver URL into a Javascript tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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Step 5:

Added that JS tag to my Webflow page. I like to put these before the tag so the rest of the site loads first:

Image description

If I just copy & pasted the raw Javascript source from my Github (and it's is well over 10k characters), this is what you get:

Image description

Step 6:

Published my Webflow project, opened the live site:

Image description

💥 Boom!

Worked soooooo good 😅

Here’s the Webflow project share link if it helps.

Here's the Github Repo.

There's a bunch more you could do to make development, better. But this is a great start!

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