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Fusetunnel - A Fast, Scalable, and Free Tunnel

There are many times where we want to share our localhost app with the world, either for testing purposes, to show progress, demo websites or run personal cloud services from your home. Fusetunnel helps you to do this easily! No need to mess with DNS or deploy to have others test out your changes.

Fusetunnel is great for working with browser testing tools like Browserling or external API callback services like Twilio, which require a public URL for callbacks.

Fusetunnel is Fusebit’s version of localtunnel.

The main difference with localtunnel (and other tunnels) is that Fusetunnel is end-to-end encrypted, giving the user greater security, promoting data protection, and preventing unauthorized access to data.

Read more about Fusetunnel and fork the open-source repo

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