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Validate Now. Build Later.

I’m an engineer working on a side project that I’ve not even started building yet. And here’s why:

With all the projects I’ve taken on personally in the past, my immediate response is to build a working MVP and make sure it’s usable for my needs. And now I see why those projects never lift off the ground: I’ve solved my need and moved on.

What if I started building an audience first? What if I started understanding other potential users’ needs before I build something and assume that’s what everyone else will need?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself as I’m going down the path of yet another idea. And it’s working so far! I’m picking up traction by asking for feedback on Reddit, paying for a few ads on Google, and sharing my story on LinkedIn.

So what have I built? Almost nothing so far in terms of code - just a small prototype to verify I can build this. But what I am building is a waitlist: an audience. I even went so far as to not code the landing page! Mad props to Carrd for that 🤓

All that said, I’m not sure how this is going to turn out, but I’m giving it a shot! Next up is figuring out how long to wait before building. My goal is to hit 50 waitlist subscribers this month and take it from there 🤞

And if you’re curious, I’m building a meeting plugin to easily take notes, create action items, view your day’s schedules, and sync all those pieces in your normal work apps - all without minimizing your video call!

You can check it out and sign up at:!

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