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The choice to build open source and in public

Today was a big day! I made the foundational decision for Statyes to be an open source from day one.

This choice might have been the best decision I've made. It also may be the worst. Only time will tell. However, I'm convinced it's a wise decision for the following reasons:

I'm building this in public

I've enjoyed following people make their dreams happen over the years! There's something inspiring and so eye-opening to be part of the high's and low's of someone's journey through entrepreneurship. It becomes a collective experience for all to share in the milestones and victories as a product comes to market!

I'll be vulnerable here as well. It's a lonely journey to build a product by yourself without the support of a community. Just the idea that others might check out my code and make contributions themselves thrills me. It becomes a product much greater than myself.

There are few "good" alternatives

The status page world has so much room for improvement. Even in the open source community, the main player Cachet, has effectively been marked "dead" by the community.

I think there's ample opportunity for big ideas to disrupt the space. And I've got some big ideas! Automated event responses using machine learning, beautiful page builders, and simpler metric connections just to name a few. It's gonna be fun!

No reason to make ALL the money

It might sound funny, but this is a sincere ethos I have regarding my personal work. I LOVE building software and am grateful to have a wonderful career that takes care of me and my family.

As I build Statyes, I definitely want to monetize it (don't mistake open source for completely free). However, there's no reason to hold the code hostage for only the users wanting to pay. Let's be honest, status pages are only as good as their hosting provider is! So I'm already planning out a stellar Kubernetes approach to offer amazing uptime and resiliency from day one.

Overall, I'm so excited to build this system and get it into the hands of businesses and builders alike. There's a big road ahead of me. However, with the road I chose today, I won't be alone. 🤓

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And boom! Now building in the open: