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9 Python Project Ideas From Beginners to Advanced

If you are learning to code, chances are you might be learning Python. What are some ways that you are able to learn Python effectively and efficiently? Arguably, one of the best ways to learn a programming language is by practicing projects that have real world applications. By working on real projects, you’ll be able to analyze the problem and come up with your own code solution. It’s also a great way to build up your portfolio!

Here’s a list of Python projects from DevProjects to help you get started:

Beginner-level projects: You will need a basic understanding of Python fundamentals

Medium-level projects:

  • Medicine dose tracker web app: Build a web app with a simple UI to add medicine name, dosages, and frequency. Learn and practice using HTML/CSS, REST APIs, and connecting databases.
  • Weekly newsletter summary email: Create a serverless app to consolidate your email subscriptions into a single weekly summary email.
  • Background job system: Build a background system and practice writing concurrent programming.

Hard projects: These are for the advanced. Some of the projects require knowledge of other languages.

  • Favorite stocks watcher: Create an application that can monitor and share stock portfolios with Django and React frameworks and Python and JavaScript.
  • Plagiarism checker website: Build an automated solution that handles plagiarism detection with Flask and Bootstrap.
  • Online photo collage tool: Build a web app with completely separate front end, API, task queue, and optional storage components. Practice handling image inputs from users and processing basic image tasks asynchronously.

You can find more unique projects in other tech stacks on DevProjects. It’s a free community where users can learn programming by building projects. Our goal is to bridge the learning gap between theory and real-world code. Each project spec is uniquely designed by senior developers and is clear and limited in scope.

Check out DevProjects for more project ideas. If you are interested in being a project contributor, check out the page here.

👇🏼 Leave a comment below to let me know which project looks the most interesting to you!👇🏼

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